Info for the Day


9.00 Baggage Hall and Information Desk Open
9.45 Under 5’s Toddlers Race
9.50 Warm up for the Races
10.00 Start: William Grant Hook 10K
10.06 Start: Martins Group Hook 10 Mile
10.15 Start: Square One Hook Fun Run
10.28 First 2.5 milers home (approx)
10.35 First 10K runners home (approx)
11:00 First 10 Milers home (approx)
12.00 Prize awards for all distances (approx)

Reminders for the Day

  1. Provided you have your number with you, there is no need to “report in” on the day. Please complete the medical information on the back of your number before you travel.
  2. If you lose your number or forget to bring it, you need to go to the baggage hall and request a replacement number. You will have to provide some means of identification (e.g. driving licence).
  3. Numbers must be firmly attached to the front of your running vest and clearly visible at all times during your run. Pay attention to your number colour if you’re running the 10 Mile or 10K courses.
  4. There is a free baggage hall but no responsibility can be taken for anything left at the site while you run so please leave valuables at home.
  5. In-ear or over ear headphones must not be worn whilst running and doing so may lead to disqualification. This is for your safety so that you can hear instructions and is a condition of our UKA insurance (UKA Rule 240 S5). Bone conducting headphones are permitted.
  6. Parents remain responsible for their children at all times.
  7. The swapping of numbers is strictly forbidden. Anyone who runs using a number supplied to another entrant is not covered by our insurance and may be barred from entering in the future.
  8. It is the responsibility of all entrants to make sure that they know the courses. Maps are available on our website and on the day. For safety reasons all fun runners must keep to the footpaths.
  9. Individual fancy dress is welcome in the Hook Fun Run but please try not to obstruct fellow runners. Collecting money for charity or any other purpose is not permitted on the course or on site.
  10. Rollerblade entries will not be accepted. Wheelchair and pushchair entries will only be accepted by prior agreement with the committee and must start at the back of the pack.
  11. No dogs may accompany runners and no vehicles are allowed to accompany runners.
  12. For the 10 Mile race only, all competitors must be able to complete the course in less than 2 hours (12 minute mile pace).
  13. Fellow competitors and marshals are to be treated with respect at all times during the event. Any unsuitable behaviour will result in disqualification.
  14. The committee will do everything possible to make your visit to Hook and the Fun Run an enjoyable occasion. If there are any questions or comments, please talk to a member of the crew or contact us afterwards via our contact form.
  15. Further terms and conditions are listed on our website.

The Hook Fun Run & Road Race is entirely volunteer-run and is a non-profit making organisation. Please contact a member of the committee if you can help in the running of the event.