Welcome to the Hook Fun Run and Road Races Official Blog!

So, we are nearly chronologically equidistant from the extravaganza that was the 2016 event and the hopefully even better 2017 version. This year was of course our 25th year. There were a record number of finishers, 1,192 to be exact. There was a new 10K distance, the amazing Charlotte Purdue ran with us. We had not one but two Zippies, a 10K team named the Hapless Hookers and Dennis, aged 80, took the Mary Dearlove Trophy for the oldest runner. Clubs joined us from all around our little town including Hart Road Runners, Basingstoke and Northants AC and Chineham Park RC. Following the event, 72 local runners met at the Elizabeth Hall to discuss the formation of Hook’s very own running club. Since then upwards of 30 runners are regularly setting off from outside the Community Centre for runs and coaching sessions. It’s way more than a possibility that the 2017 results will include a whole new local club that was utterly homegrown and inspired by our event itself. Isn’t that the best result of all? Anyway, at a recent Fun Run committee meeting it was mentioned that our run is bigger now than the London Marathon was in the year our fun run first began? (Just take a second to digest that). Awesome isn’t it? And whilst we are not anticipating that Virgin will eventually sponsor us and that Gordon Ramsey and Chris Evans will take part but still, haven’t we come a long way? So, it’s time for a blog! A concept that very likely did not even exist when Graham Kingsbury and pals sat around a Hook table, probably with notebooks and pens and not an iPad in sight, to find ways to celebrate Hook School’s 150th year. Here, over the course of the next 6 months you will see news on the run, guidance on running the distances, either for the first time or faster than last. We will hear about what it’s like to be a marshal. We will share a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes and hopefully link up with the nascent Hook running club for news and how to get involved. We hope you will enjoy it and if you would like to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact us.